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1 Answers

Sunburn treatment?

Aloe Vera is definitely the best treatment for sunburn. Just break off a piece and rub it over the burn. It is incredibly soothing.

Answered by: Tanya 312 views

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Help! Panic attacks

The Linden Method worked for me. You should give it a try. http://www.healthanswer.org/panic-attacks

Answered by: Stacy 339 views ,

1 Answers

Treatment for baggy eyes?

Cold slices of cucumber on the eyes works well. Another option is to put a wet teabag in the freezer for a little bit, then apply to your eyes.

Answered by: Diane 301 views ,

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How can I tell if I have an enlarged prostate?

Don't be embarrassed about seeing a doctor. They are professionals and know what they are looking for. If you have other symptoms, don't delay. See a doctor immediately.

Answered by: Andrew 319 views , ,

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Male hair loss treatment?

I used Rogaine last year, and was very pleased with the results. Growing your own hair back is great compared to plugs or some of the other hideous alternatives.

Answered by: Simon 338 views , , ,

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Cure for dry hands

I find the best way to treat my dry hands is to cover them liberally with moisturizer (Sorbolene is cheap and works well) then cover with cotton gloves. I do this just before bed, and in the morning ...

Answered by: Bianca 333 views ,